St. Andrew’s School Arts Building in Middletown, De.

St. Andrew’s School Arts Building



Founded in 1929 by A. Felix du Pont, the St. Andrew’s School is located in an idyllic natural setting near Noxontown Pond. The Arts Building is sited on the slope of the “Gully” in order to keep the profile of the three-story structure low in relation to surrounding buildings of the boarding school. The building program includes classroom space for traditional visual arts, practice space for vocal and instrumental performance, and studio space for dance instruction. The building also features a 350-seat performance hall with an acoustic design that permits high-quality recording.

Thornton Tomasetti is responsible for the design of structural system which consists of steel framing. Structural challenges included tall retaining walls at the lower-level two-story practice spaces, meeting IBC 2000 seismic requirements with an irregularly shaped building founded on soft soils, and extensive cantilever balconies in the performance hall.

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