St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital Redevelopment in Ontario. Courtesy Montgomery-Sisam Architects (left) & FootFall vibration analysis / Thornton Tomasetti (right).

St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital Redevelopment



We are providing acoustics, noise and vibration consulting services for a three-story addition to the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital that will house an emergency department, surgical suite, sterile processing department, and mental health and addiction services.

We provided recommendations for floor-vibration attenuation, location of sensitive equipment to avoid vibration interference, prediction of structural vibration from human activity such as walking and from mechanical sources. We used our proprietary FootFall software to perform an advanced footfall-induced vibration analysis on the operating suite floor (above, right) to ensure that the design met vibration criteria. A vibration monitoring system was installed under our direction to ensure the CT suite would not be adversely affected by construction activities. The presence of mental health and addiction services also requires stringent environmental noise control, sound isolation between patient rooms and other sensitive areas, and architectural acoustic analysis to reduce noise where required.

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