Station Place Building #1 (left) and #3 (right) in Washington, D.C.



This 2.2-million-square-foot complex, adjacent to historic Union Station and just blocks from the U.S. Capitol Building, consists of three 10-story buildings. Encompassing one million square feet, Building One serves as the headquarters for the Securities and Exchange Commission. Building Two, at 530,000 square feet, houses additional SEC staff as well as retail and dining venues. The 741,000-square-foot Building Three provides additional commercial office space. Each building includes below-grade parking garages.

The project includes support for an anticlastic cable-net lobby enclosure in Building One and incorporates blast resistant design consistent with General Services Administration security criteria.

A 770-foot ramp of reinforced concrete connects the existing H Street overpass to the 5.5-acre site and to the Union Station loading dock. The 375-foot elevated portion of the ramp is supported on belled caissons designed to accommodate Building Three construction both above and below its footprint. The ramp’s design had to allow for uninterrupted use during construction. The project also includes a steel-framed pedestrian bridge connecting the Station Place complex to Union Station.

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