Tabor Academy Science and Math Center in Marion, Massachusetts. Courtesy Patrick Wiseman/Wiseman Images

Tabor Academy Science and Math Center



Thornton Tomasetti provided energy and daylight modeling services and served as LEED consultant for a new academic and laboratory building. The 28,000-square-foot LEED NC Gold-certified center houses eight large science classrooms with lecture and lab space, a seminar room, lounge, and math classrooms.

A whole building design approach was used throughout the design and construction of the building for efficient execution of the project goals.

An energy model and daylight model was used for optimization studies of various Energy Conservation Measures, addressing key design issues that minimized the building’s energy consumption. The final design incorporated skylights to maximize daylight harvesting and minimizing lighting loads, optimum insulation levels, unique design of mechanical ventilation fans, demand-controlled ventilation, heat recovery units and a rooftop photovoltaic and solar hot water system. The aggressive sustainability goals set for the project along with tools such as integrated design approach and energy modeling helped the team exceed the initial target of LEED Silver certification and achieve Gold.

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Commitment to Innovation

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Commitment to Innovation


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