The Spa at the Inn by the Sea The Spa at the Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

The Spa at the Inn by the Sea



The Spa is part of an expansion that includes renovation and the addition of 4,700 square feet of new space to the award-winning Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Thornton Tomasetti served as the sustainability consultant for administrative offices, six treatments rooms, a cardio room and a serenity room used for relaxation and meditation. The inn is committed to sustainable initiatives and the spa project builds upon this commitment.

Green features include low VOC adhesives, paints and coatings; Green Label Plus carpet and recycled rubber floors; Greenseal cleaning products; indigenous landscaping plants; energy efficient lighting; and energy star appliances. Air-to-air heat exchangers were used to recover heat from the ventilation system. Significant water savings were gained through the use of dual flush toilets and other low flow fixtures. Maintaining a high level of client comfort while also capitalizing on opportunity for energy and water saving was a challenge throughout the project. Measures such as radiant panels allow for adjustable thermal comfort in each of the private treatment rooms.

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Commitment to Innovation

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Commitment to Innovation


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