Times Square in Manhattan. Stephen Mallon photos.



We prepared final contract documents for the reconstruction of all streets in the Times Square area (Seventh Avenue and Broadway from West 47th to West 42nd Streets). The Green Light for Manhattan pilot initiative to improve traffic and safety in Times Square was deemed successful and will be made permanent. The reconstruction will permanently close Broadway from West 47th to West 45th Streets and from West 45th to West 42nd Streets, providing 2.5 acres of new public space. Transportation prepared the design for water mains, sewers, catch basins, traffic signals, security bollards and a complex accelerated maintenance and protection of traffic scheme. The MPT design incorporated many phases and sub-phases of construction in order to meet an aggressive construction schedule required by NYCDOT/NYCDDC. The complexity was also driven by the need to allow space for daily events and to maintain pedestrian safety while having a reasonable construction productivity rate.

In addition, Transportation prepared the design of an innovative underground event infrastructure to ensure Times Square is wired for sound and power to accommodate the hundreds of events that occur yearly.

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