Walter Payton Center in Lake Forest, Illinois.



Thornton Tomasetti provided multiple investigation and repair services for the Walter Payton Center, the Chicago Bear’s indoor practice facility.

To address several building issues resulting from water leakage at more than 30 locations throughout the facility, Thornton Tomasetti conducted an invasive survey and completed a structural investigation to identify, quantify and assess the amount of structural damage that occurred as a result of the water leakage.

Based on previous performance and understanding of the facility, gained from the water infiltration investigation, Thornton Tomasetti was retained to provide structural repairs, and field renovations. The scope of work included preparations of construction documents and specifications for structural repairs to the 80-foot-tall, 200-foot-span wood glulam arches, the tongue-and-groove decking, and plywood sheathing. Work also included construction administration services for demolition and repair work.

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