Washington Hospital in Fremont, Calif. Courtesy Fong & Chan.

Washington Hospital Critical Care and Emergency Department Building



This four story, 300,000-square-foot structure substantially expands and upgrades the hospital’s critical care unit and emergency room. The facility houses several catheterization laboratories, an intensive care unit, a critical care unit, and the emergency department.

At less than 0.3 kilometers from the Hayward Fault, the building is subject to significant near-fault effects. Nonlinear response history analysis using seven pairs of ground motions was used to analyze the structure. A friction pendulum base-isolation system was employed, which will meet seismic performance objective of ‘immediate occupancy’ implicit in the California building code. Fluid viscous dampers were added to control isolator displacement and limit mote size to 36 inches. The lateral system for the building consists of steel intermediate moment-resisting frames.

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