Façade investigation, litigation support and repair work for the The Watermark at Logan Square in Philadelphia. Mark Dewey / Thornton Tomasetti (left) and Rich Wentzel / Thornton Tomasetti (right).

The Watermark at Logan Square Façade Investigation, Litigation Support and Repair



The Watermark at Logan Square is a 23-story assisted-living facility originally constructed in the early 1980s. The building façade was an early use of GFRC (glass-fiber-reinforced concrete) panels. A mid-2000s investigation – performed by another firm – into the source of water infiltration through the façade found deficiencies in the way it was originally constructed. A repair project (in which Thornton Tomasetti was not involved) performed in the late 2000s entailed applying carbon-fiber reinforcement to the GFRC panels and replacing the backup wall supporting the panels, the windows, and all of the sealant.

Thornton Tomasetti was contacted by the building owner in 2013 because the problem of water infiltration through the newly repaired façade had persisted. We performed an investigation to identify design and construction defects that allowed the water infiltration and designed repairs to correct them. We also performed construction administration services for the implementation of the repairs and provided expert testimony related to a claim against the design and construction team regarding the repairs implemented in the mid-2000s.

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