Waynflete School Art Center Addition in Portland, Maine.

Waynflete School Art Center Addition



Phase two of the Waynflete Art Center included the renovation of the existing auditorium into a gymnasium and the construction of a new theater. The facility houses a 276-seat theater, additional rehearsal rooms for music and dance, five to seven practice rooms, classrooms, offices, art studios, the art gallery and support space. Thornton Tomasetti served as the LEED consultant, provided energy modeling services and completed the Efficiency Maine High Performance Schools report.

Our energy analysis team proposed a displacement ventilation system that was designed for the theater to condition the space from below and resulted in 20% annual energy savings. The lighting design includes high efficiency T-8 light bulbs and CO2 sensors were provided in all multi-occupant spaces. The facility is designed with low-flow plumbing fixtures and is estimated to use 48.5% less water than a standard code compliant building.

Creative solution to thermally isolate the stage using a separate system to heat and cool was successful. Quantitative analysis showed that using under-floor air distribution with ducts coming out below the seating area was more efficient. Because people occupying only the first six feet of the space, not the whole 30 feet of the height, this solution cut down the conditioned space by six times resulting in a significant energy, ductwork construction and piping cost savings.

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