Structural Feasibility Studies projects

Specialized Structural Engineering Expertise

CORE Studio

Thornton Tomasetti’s CORE studio applies expertise in architecture, engineering, façade detailing, computer science, industrial design and fabrication to drive the functionality of commercially available BIM tools to the next level by developing custom tools and interoperability frameworks that streamline design processes.

Our computational design specialists focus on the dynamic intersection of design, engineering and modeling techniques. They support all of our practices, allowing each to apply the flexibility and efficiency of a truly integrated BIM environment. While computational design is particularly beneficial for large buildings and structures with innovative architectural forms that are designed and built on fast-track schedules, it can improve the design and construction process for projects of every type and size.

Specialized Structural Engineering Expertise

Computational Analysis

While the range of shapes and forms that can be designed with modern modeling tools is almost limitless, geometric discipline is still essential for budget control. When forms are still in flux, the design team can use our proprietary tools to interactively study multiple geometric options and establish optimized shapes for structural frames and building surfaces, along with related systems.

Parametric modeling applies parameters such as materials, dimensions or performance criteria to define elements or element categories within a model. Once entered, they can be altered, individually or in combination, to explore and easily incorporate design changes. These 3D models contain intelligent information and can serve as deliverables, or they can be used to generate 2D drawings. Parametric models improve documentation speed and quality, enhance visualization, quickly perform geometry-based analytical tasks and easily calculate material quantities.

Generative modeling uses scripts – instead of direct input – to generate elements, providing even greater flexibility in iterating and testing many options. It allows architects, engineers and other project stakeholders to work together to quickly evaluate any number of concepts and variations.

Specialized Structural Engineering Expertise

Concrete or Steel?

When it comes to this fundamental choice, we don’t have a preconceived agenda. We ask about each project’s needs and goals, seek to understand its requirements and constraints, and then recommend a structural system based on what works best for that particular building. With expertise working in both materials, we’re not a “concrete firm” or a “steel firm” – we’re a solutions firm.

At left: the all-concrete Jeddah Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia will rise a full kilometer in height. At right: the 80-story, all-steel 30 Hudson Yards in New York City.