Halifax Central Library in Nova Scotia. Courtesy Adam Mork / FBM Architects.

Halifax Central Library



The new Halifax Central Library is home to a series of interconnected open spaces, private offices, meeting rooms and a 200-seat theater space. The facility serves as a civic landmark and a centerpiece of the Capital District, contributing to the economic revitalization of the downtown and sparking cultural and learning activities. The building is an accessible, environmentally friendly and welcoming destination providing opportunities for both interaction and quiet individual use. It is an adaptable and flexible space that can meet the changing needs of users and accommodate new innovative technologies and new demands.

Balancing Acoustic Requirements for Varying Needs
Our engineers were responsible for all aspects of acoustics including environmental, mechanical noise control and room acoustics of the spaces. The project’s design challenges included providing acoustic isolation between the floors, which are connected by a central atrium; room acoustics of a multi-purpose theatre space; and acoustic separation of noise-generation spaces, such as the children’s area, from adjacent quiet study areas.

We addressed these challenges by designing carefully concealed acoustic material in the ceiling spaces, strategically placing bookshelves, developing unique wall constructions to limit sound transmissions, and including a series of curved, reflecting ceiling panels in the theatre to provide proper room acoustic performance.

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