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Critical Facilities

When a facility is critical to the survival of your business, a community or the nation, you need it delivered fast, future-proofed and worry-free. That’s what we do.

Critical Facilities At-A-Glance
Critical Facilities Completed 500+
Total Square Footage of Critical Facilities Completed 30+ Million
Critical Facilities Clients Worldwide 150+
Countries Where We've Completed Critical Facilities 10+

Here's How

When it comes to critical facilities, we deliver what you need, when you need it. In the process, we add a level of performance and future-proofing that goes beyond your expectations. Our services range from day-one security studies through construction implementation. And our solutions are flexible enough to accommodate layout and design modifications – now and into the future – making your facilities virtually timeless. We’re experts in the fast-track delivery of critical facilities, including:

  • Data centers
  • Distribution facilities
  • Call centers (911 or other)
  • Trading facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Power facilities
  • Explosives processing plants
  • Nuclear facilities
  • Command and control facilities
  • Emergency operations centers
  • . . . and more.


Our clients benefit from structural solutions that draw on our decades of experience and the millions of square feet of critical facilities we’ve designed. We leverage expertise across an enormous range of disciplines to speed delivery of the buildings you need and provide the cost benefits and project successes you expect.

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