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Innovation Engine

Our CORE groups manage our research and development efforts, from incremental efficiency improvements to solving some of the most challenging engineering problems of our time.

CORE studio


CORE studio is Thornton Tomasetti’s virtual incubator of ideas. Its name derives from the union of computational modeling and research and development, which are at the core of our firm’s mission. Our team is a diverse assortment of specialists, with each member bringing expert knowledge and an inquisitive mind to projects of every size and scope. Our experience working across all Thornton Tomasetti practices affords us unique insight into the needs of – and solutions for – our clients and our firm.

CORE studio provides a valuable interface among design and construction teams, developing new workflows and processes that promote collaboration and enhance building design. Our analyses of today’s practices allow us to envision the optimized workflows of tomorrow.

CORE studio leader

CORE studio


CORE Lab focuses on long term development of new methods, capabilities and products. CORE lab seeks to create new business opportunities through two transition paths:

  • Firm Solutions - New capabilities, methods or products are used by our practices to increase existing market share and penetrate adjacent markets through advances in technology. This transition path supports the business objectives of our practices and regions, it can drive or be driven by them.
  • TTWiiN - TTWiiN is our technology accelerator and product commercialization platform. The products and technology prototyped through CORE lab projects can be commercialized through TTWiiN. This transition path leads to establishing independent start-up companies with their own financial targets and strategy. 

CORE Lab Leaders



2023 AECtech Symposium & Hackathon
October 27, 2023 - November 05, 20231:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Tickets are now available for Thornton Tomasetti's 11th annual AECtech 2023 Symposium & Hackathon. This year will feature a full day symposium, 27 hour hackathon, virtual and in-person masterclasses, a tech crawl and social events.

New Report: Aortas, Aneurysms, & AI
August 01, 2023
The age of artificial intelligence is upon us, and industries such as biomed and engineering are exploring its potential for innovation. In its latest in silico trial, our life sciences team applied traditional machine learning and deep learning models to assess how well a common type of stent graft can treat a thoracic aortic aneurysm.