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We apply scientific and engineering principles to solve the world’s challenges – starting with yours. No matter your goal, we’ll help get you there.

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NY-37-18 27th Street, Queens
Adjacent Construction

When construction happens near existing properties, a lot can go wrong. We make sure it doesn’t.

Advanced Analyses for Extreme Events

When extreme events happen, you need to be prepared. We analyze structural response to extreme events to quantify vulnerability, identify risk and design mitigation methods.

Advanced Analytics

When you have a challenge that goes beyond the usual, we have scientifically rigorous, evidence-based analyses that enable us to solve complex problems others can’t.


Want to shave months off conceptual and schematic design? Our structural optioneering app generates structural solutions – in seconds – from a simple building massing model.


Our Revit plug-in is revolutionizing the way engineers track and manage embodied carbon in their structural projects. (Plus, it’s free and open-source!)

Bioclimatic Design

We think holistically about the built environment and consider the effects of design and computational choices on the microclimate in and around our clients' buildings.

Queensboro Bridge
Bridge Contractor Support

When bridge builders want expert support, our engineers are ready to help. We provide all the services you need to increase efficiency and prevent problems during construction and demolition.

Bridge Design

From the simplest pedestrian bridge to the most iconic and complex long-span bridge, if you can cross it, we can design it.

Bridge Inspection
Bridge Inspections

Safety? Check. Reliability? Check. Extended service life? Check. For bridges of every size, type and material, we can help you conquer your inspection and maintenance goals.

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Building Analytics/Building Physics

We use advanced tools – many developed in-house to solve problems not adequately addressed by off-the-shelf software – to inform data-driven strategies that help you create high-performance buildings.

Building Code Analysis

When your renovation or reconstruction could trigger new code requirements, our knowledgeable professionals make sure your project makes the grade.