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Forensics & Investigations

We use relentless critical thinking and the latest technology to answer crucial questions and solve tough engineering problems.

Forensics & Investigations At-A-Glance
Years of Experience in Disaster Response 70
Project Portfolio 14,000+
Countries Where We've Worked 65
U.S. States Where We've Worked 50

Here's How

When something goes wrong, you need to know why. And how to get back to full function and use. Our truly multidisciplinary team has the expertise to investigate and analyze anything – buildings, infrastructure, industrial machinery and process, equipment, tools, products and more. Disciplines include:

  • Structural
  • Architectural
  • MEP
  • Façades
  • Acoustics
  • Site-Civil
  • Sustainability
  • Geotechnical
  • Shock & Vibration
  • Fire & Process
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Chemical
  • Resilience

We partner with property and installation owners and managers, design professionals, contractors, attorneys, insurers, manufacturers, and civilian and military government agencies and to resolve issues in buildings, infrastructure, industrial installations and more.

Our team is always searching for better ways to investigate and analyze engineering and design problems and share our results. Our staff works closely with the firm’s CORE groups to develop new technology – such as simulation and visualization tools and data acquisition and processing systems – that help us better serve you. And through our Edinburgh, Scotland, testing lab, we can delve into experimental mechanics and devise testing protocols for experimental verification.

The bottom line? When you work with Thornton Tomasetti, you’ll always have an expert you can trust to find the answer and explain it clearly.


Capability: Expertise

Capability: Technology

Capability: Expertise

Hard Rock Collapse Courtesy Controlled Demolition, Inc.
Hard Rock Hotel Collapse


We are problem solvers. We investigate deficiencies and failures. Discover and document causes. Recommend, design and oversee resolution. Our priority is resolving current problems and preventing future issues.

The Science of Why

At Thornton Tomasetti, we start with rigorous science and mathematics. Then we add our design experience, forensic skill and advanced analytical and visualization tools to understand, clearly communicate and resolve any problem, large or small.

Analysis Rooted in Deep Design Experience

We’re investigators who analyze failures in the built environment. But we’re also designers and engineers, with practical knowledge of the design process. Which means when problems arise, we have a better understanding of what caused them and the appropriate standards of care.

Beyond Buildings

Our science-based methods and multidisciplinary expertise apply well beyond the traditional built environment. We can analyze everything from piers to petrochemical platforms. Taxiways to turbines. Subways to submarines. Bridges to bunkers. And more.

We Make the Complex Comprehensible

We believe that straightforward communication is as important as technical expertise. With state-of-the-art simulation and graphical capabilities – including advanced material modeling, computational fluid dynamics and 3D/4D forensic information modeling, among others – we create animations and visuals to clearly present our findings.

Anywhere, Anytime

With offices around the world, we are wherever you are. Our teams are connected to your communities – with deep knowledge of processes, manufacturing, construction and local building codes. Our proximity to you means that we can rapidly respond to your needs, putting boots on the ground when and where you need them.

Innovative Methods: Less Invasive, More Efficient, Better Data

We’re always looking for ways to make our forensic investigations faster, easier and smarter by harnessing top-tier technology to collect information. Data collection and processing. Laser scanners, thermal cameras, monitoring and data-acquisition equipment, and more. We use these cutting-edge tools to get critical information on the behavior, position and condition of structures, components and processes. Handheld devices and drones equipped with sensors enable us to collect and process data in real time. And we apply artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to speed the analysis of data and improve results.

Custom Animation

We use applied mathematics and mechanics to simulate physical events and determine their controlling parameters. Graphical animation visually retells an event, and visualizations convert the math into something we can see and more easily understand. Put simply, finding the answer and explaining it clearly is what we do.

Forensic Information Modeling (FIM)

We developed a better way to manage and analyze data in a 3D or 4D model. Data is linked to model components for easy retrieval, keyword queries and statistical analysis. Our FIMs can quickly generate reports and visualizations for clear, persuasive communication of complex technical issues.

Georgia Dome
Georgia Dome Demolition

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