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Multidisciplinary experts where and when you need them. Fast, accurate and compelling results. Claims handled and clients happy.

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Projects Worked On 4,000+
Countries Worked In 42
States Worked In 50
Insurance Companies 50+

Here's How

Structural, architectural, MEP, fire, process, façades, vibration, site-civil, resilience – we have the in-house experts to deliver the information you need.

We help you resolve claims. By assessing damage quickly and accurately, we work to eliminate additional losses from business interruption. And our pre-loss services help you understand and manage risk, for everything from individual properties to large portfolios.

Anywhere, anytime.

We mobilize rapidly to assess damage on site, no matter where a claim originates. With an international network of 50+ offices, we're local in places around the globe. This means faster response time, targeted expertise, and all the benefits of our combined knowledge. Moving faster cuts costs that arise from a slow claims process – and helps your clients get back to business sooner.

Innovative approach. Faster results.

We rely on top-tier technology to assess damage efficiently, even when it’s extensive. From drones to satellite imagery to our TT SmartMaps – which allow us to more efficiently manage hazard and loss data – our cutting-edge toolkit helps us minimize the time to determine the scope and value of loss, so you can serve your clients quickly and avoid added costs due to drawn-out claims.

Engineering surveyors.

We do more than just measure losses and write reports. As engineers, architects and designers ourselves, we have the practical knowledge to fix problems. Which means that we’ll stand behind our recommendations after we evaluate conditions, giving you and your client clear, confident counsel for how to remedy issues today.

A record of readiness.

At Thornton Tomasetti, we thrive on big challenges. When there’s a disaster – from earthquakes to hurricanes and everything in between – we’re there. When our clients are part of large-scale multilayer or quota share programs, we’re ready. With years of experience and deep expertise, we know exactly how to support you whenever catastrophe strikes. And it’s not just catastrophic events – we’re here for the day-to-day damage and small-scale failures, too.


Capability: Expertise

Capability: Expertise

Capability: Expertise

Capability: Technology

Capability: Expertise


Innovative Methods: Less Invasive, More Efficient, Better Data

We’re always looking for ways to make our forensic investigations faster, easier and smarter by harnessing top-tier technology.

Data Collection & Processing

Laser scanners, thermal cameras,  monitoring and data-acquisition equipment, and more. We use these cutting-edge tools to get critical information on the behavior, position and condition of structures, components and processes. Handheld devices and drones equipped with sensors enable us to collect and process data in real time. And we apply artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to speed the analysis of data and improve results.

Custom Animation

We use applied mathematics and mechanics to simulate physical events and determine their controlling parameters. Graphical animation visually re-tells an event, and visualizations convert the math into something we can see and more easily understand. Put simply, finding the answer and explaining it clearly is what we do.

Forensic Information Modeling (FIM)

We developed a better way to manage and analyze data in a 3D or 4D model. Data is linked to model components for easy retrieval, keyword queries and statistical analysis. Our FIMs can quickly generate reports and visualizations for clear, persuasive communication of complex technical issues.

We help insurance industry clients around the world with matters of every type and size:

Insurance Industry Sectors Insurance Industry Solutions
Aviation Claims Provider Services
Construction Services Captive and Insurance Management
Energy (Including Offshore) Catastrophe Response Planning
Entertainment & Sports Cause and Origin Reporting
Errors and Omissions Emergency Response Solutions
Global Insurance Programs Emergency Response Solutions
Marine Litigation Support
Orbital Professional Indemnity
Ports and Terminals Property Risk Control
Power and Utilities Scope of Damage Determination
Property and Casualty Subrogation
Property and Liability Sustainability Claims Consulting
Public Sector Technical Services
Renewables Terrorism Risk and Political Violence Risk Control

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