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Our modeling and simulation capabilities, combined with testing, allow us to conduct survivability and lethality assessments for platforms and structures – and help them meet their required performance and qualifications.

Defense At-A-Glance
defense_grid_2 Courtesy U.S. Navy
First defense contract 1949
Longest continuous clients ONR and DTRA/DNA
NATO Members Supported 7

Here's How

From conducting survivability and lethality assessments for military platforms and protective structures to providing computational tools that support mission planning and engineering, we help your equipment perform efficiently, effectively and safely.

For more than 70 years, we’ve leveraged our expert capabilities in nonlinear computational modeling and analysis, as well as testing. And every day, we seek to build on this proven track record – harnessing our extensive multidisciplinary experience by using the most appropriate commercial, government and special-purpose computational tools to rapidly and cost-effectively analyze unique problems and develop specialized solutions.

System and equipment safety and integrity are paramount – and we recognize that the military environment imposes conditions and hazards not encountered anywhere else. We aim to provide the military services with the best protection possible, using the most advanced techniques available to simulate and test against any threat that could be directed at them.

In an industry where information integrity is critical, we bring discretion and professionalism to government and military projects. With staff and facilities that are cleared to handle, generate and protect sensitive information, we work carefully and closely to keep critical data secure.

Live Shock Test of DESMI Pumps
Live Shock Test of DESMI Pumps


Our expert team of engineers, physicists and software developers is committed to developing and maintaining advanced technological software, tools and techniques that lead to major breakthroughs in computational solid and fluid mechanics. Our innovations have influenced developments in submarines and ship survivability; noise and vibration design and experimentation, blast and fragmentation protection; shock qualification testing; and new engineered materials. Our engineers continue to develop fit-for-purpose solutions, including highly accurate computational methods to track extreme physics and reduced-order models for rapid assessments in onboard compact environments. From lethality assessment, weapon planning and damage predictions to supporting test programs, we continue to use the best proprietary software and R&D to develop solutions in an extremely wide range of defense-related applications.

Count on us for help in all these areas:

  • Defense R&D and engineering
  • Advanced analysis for extreme events
  • Explosive safety design
  • Defense acoustics
  • Defense testing
  • Scientific software development
  • Protective design
  • Critical infrastructure protection

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