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From master planning and new design to historic preservation, we help make homes that are innovative, cost-effective, constructable and resilient.


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Residential Projects Worldwide 5,000+
Flat-plate Residential Projects 50+
Senior Housing Projects 60+
Affordable Housing Projects 55+

Here's How

There’s no place like home. And residents today are demanding more from their homes than ever before. Sustainability, social responsibility and amenities for work and play are becoming as valuable to residents as aesthetics and comfort. From mixed-use towers to senior living and affordable housing communities, our multidisciplinary teams offer efficient, integrated solutions for residential design and construction.

Our services support every stage of the residential building life cycle, from resilience-focused master planning through design and construction and beyond – to maintenance, upkeep and the renovation of deteriorating or historic structures.

  • Structural design. Our engineers use proprietary design, interoperability and visualization tools to develop efficient, cost-effective and constructable structural systems that push the limits of architectural expression. And our Advanced Project Delivery™ method results in designs that are easier to bid, build, inspect and maintain.
  • Façades. We help design and integrate façade systems that fulfill architectural goals while improving constructability, maximizing performance and increasing security.
  • Sustainability. We collaborate with project stakeholders to integrate sustainable solutions, such as energy analysis, embodied-carbon consulting, and design and certification for LEED, passive house, net zero, WELL Building and more.
  • Acoustics, noise and vibration. Our specialists provide analysis and design to control noise and vibration to increase resident comfort. We offer advanced techniques for predicting and dampening building sway and footfall-induced vibration prediction.
  • Investigation. When something goes wrong – from water leaks to energy performance to catastrophic failures – our forensics experts dig deep to find root causes and recommend safe, effective and economical fixes to restore or improve performance.
  • Restoration and renewal. More and more, reuse and repurposing are part of the residential property life cycle. We work with the entire team to optimize a design that fits the new goals. For historic structures, we restore original features while meeting modern performance, resilience and sustainability goals with sensitive, appropriate modifications.
Lakeshore East Cirrus & Cascade Towers in Chicago.
Lakeshore East Cirrus & Cascade Towers in Chicago. Thornton Tomasetti
100 Flatbush in Brooklyn, New York
100 Flatbush in Brooklyn, New York. Courtesy Alloy Development
The Couture in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
The Couture in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Courtesy RINKA
241 West 28th Street in Manhattan.
241 West 28th Street in Manhattan. Courtesy COOKFOX
20 Grosvenor Square in London, U.K.
20 Grosvenor Square in London, U.K. Courtesy Turner & Townsend
Arte Surfside in Florida.
Arte Surfside in Florida. Thornton Tomasetti
Enigma on the Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Enigma on the Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Lisa Logan Photography
ITC Colombo One in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
ITC Colombo One in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Courtesy Gensler
160 Folsom Street San Francisco, California.
160 Folsom Street San Francisco, California. Thornton Tomasetti
The Village at Southampton in Houston, Texas.
The Village at Southampton in Houston, Texas. Courtesy Paul Ryan Design Group
Building 12 at Port Imperial in Weehawken, New Jersey.
Building 12 at Port Imperial in Weehawken, New Jersey. Thornton Tomasetti


Our 75-plus years of design for residential structures provide a pool of collective expertise for solving whatever challenges your project presents.

Global Experience, Local Know-How

Efficiency and constructability are essential to the success of residential developments, as is an understanding of local building practices and regulations. With teams across the United States and around the globe, our people understand the nuances of your project.

And after working on more than 5,000 residential projects, we’re well-versed in all types of structural systems, from steel and concrete – including flat-plate, cast-in-place, post-tensioned and composite designs – to mass timber.

Integrated Services & Collaborative Approach

An extensive suite of services allows us to offer integrated solutions for residential projects of every size and budget. Our multidisciplinary teams work side by side to deliver seamless coordination, saving time and effort during fabrication and construction. And our passion for collaboration extends beyond our scope: we believe that open communication and teamwork among all project stakeholders lead to the best results.

We’re also experienced in all delivery methods, including those that involve higher levels of team collaboration, like design-build and IPD.

Performance-Based Seismic & Fire Design

Our performance-based design (PBD) experts routinely use advanced modeling to determine the seismic responses of structures and mitigate earthquake hazards. And our post-earthquake investigations of damaged structures provide valuable information to supplement our computer analyses.

We also develop practical PBD solutions to fire-related engineering challenges. Our experts in fire science and physical modeling analyze fire dynamics, heat transfer, smoke propagation, structural behavior and human response to fire. This information helps us craft better fire-protection strategies that increase the resilience and safety of residential buildings and their occupants.

Envelope Performance & Inspection

We've worked on all types of residential enclosures – from modern curtain walls and mid-century hybrid construction to prewar composite walls and ornate historic structures. We can evaluate the root causes of performance failures and develop solutions that meet the building’s needs and your budget. We can also help navigate complicated codes and local agency review processes. And we have a long history of supporting owners in achieving compliance with building envelope and local façade ordinances.

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Detroit's newly constructed Exchange building stands out in its neighborhood: It’s the first project in the U.S. to be built using the LIFTbuild delivery method.

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July 20, 2023
Seeing the impact that the recent Turkey earthquake sequence has had on people motivates us to continue to learn more about seismic performance of structures and seek to design more resilient buildings.

Lessons From Turkey, Part Three
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In April, Thornton Tomasetti engineers went to Turkey to collect data on how buildings and infrastructure performed during the recent Kahramanmaraş earthquake sequence. This is the third article in the series.