WTorre Morumbi in São Paulo, Brazil. Courtesy BW 1 Morumbi Empreendimento Imobilario LTDA.



Located in one of the most sophisticated and valued neighborhoods of São Paulo, WTorre Morumbi is a commercial development designed to be an icon in the city landscape. Thornton Tomasetti is serving as an independent structural consultant to the steel fabricator. As part of its scope, Thornton Tomasetti is providing peer review services and consulting, through workshops and conferences with the design team, to assess and discuss structural design solutions for this unique project.

The development consists of an office tower composed of two wings rising 31 stories above grade plus a multistory mechanical penthouse above the main roof. The building exterior wall extends eight meters above the roof line up to the maximum building height of 141 meters above grade.

Five sky bridges are spaced along the height of the building and follow its curved façade, providing a visually seamless connection between the two wings. The sky bridges serve as office space with four of the five bridges two stories in height and spanning up to 35 meters.

The remarkable building geometry is supported by structural systems and materials that are new and unconventional to Brazilian high-rise design and construction practices. The structure consists of composite slab and beams supported by concrete-encased steel columns and concrete core walls. The concrete core walls provide lateral stability and steel trusses supported on slide bearings reinforce the sky bridge spaces.

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