• We Solve Problems Others Can’t
  • We Deliver Practical Solutions
  • We Develop New Methods
  • Testing for Validation

We Solve Problems Others Can’t

We routinely tackle non-routine challenges. Our clients bring us difficult problems that have never before been addressed. Our expertise – across a broad range of disciplines – in R&D, testing, materials science, computational simulation methods and software development enable us to invent a unique approach to each new challenge.


We Deliver Practical Solutions

While research and development are critical to our work, in the end we are engineers, not academicians, so we focus on real-world applications that solve specific problems at the appropriate level of detail.


We Develop New Methods

We rely on advanced scientific methods we develop ourselves or that we transition from an academic setting to a production engineering environment. This enables us to address new challenges arising from a desire for higher performance, develop more efficient solutions or tackle old problems with newer and more flexible schemes.


Testing for Validation

Our goal in developing physics-based simulations is to create “models of reality.” We compare our computer-generated results with experimental data and practical engineering “sanity checks” to ensure their accuracy and validity.

Applied Science projects