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2018 Philanthropy Efforts

July 01, 2019
A team from our New York office created a whale out of cans for Canstruction, which donates cans of food to local food banks. Thornton Tomasetti

Our charitable giving continues to grow each year, and has nearly doubled since 2013. In one year, our total contributions rose by 8 percent. During 2018, we donated $393,432 to aid disadvantaged students, families and communities and to help mitigate climate change. We continue to support our legacy areas of philanthropy, including the ACE Mentor Program and the Salvadori Center, which provide STEM education to schoolchildren. About one-third of our monetary donations go to the Thornton Tomasetti Foundation, which sponsors numerous grants, fellowships and scholarships and distributes funds to a variety of AEC-related nonprofits.


Newer areas of philanthropy include direct collaboration with Bridges to Prosperity, through our TT Gives Back initiative, as a corporate partner on a bridge-construction project. Our separate end-of-year donation served as a match, enabling the nonprofit to secure funding from additional sources. We are in our fifth year of donating to to offset our air-travel emissions by supporting renewable-energy and energy-efficiency projects.

Local offices contributed to 26 percent of our charitable giving, supporting a variety of causes that are meaningful to their staff and community members. For example, this year we gave to the Global Orphan Project and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and backed Canstruction competitions to collect food and raise money for local food banks.