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Industry-leading research and development. Proprietary analysis and production tools. In-depth knowledge of local materials preferences and construction practices. We bring the full force of our distinctive blend of experience, resources and technological innovation – and a deeply collaborative interdisciplinary approach – to every healthcare facility we design.



Navy & Shipbuilding Capabilities

What sets us apart from conventional engineering firms? Applied science research and advanced analysis. We employ the most advanced scientific and technological tools to solve problems of national importance that concern the safety of ships, submarines, airports and military installations. 



Forensics & Investigation Overview

When something goes wrong, you need to know why. And how to get back to full function and use. Our truly multidisciplinary team has the expertise to investigate and analyze anything – buildings, infrastructure, industrial machinery and process, equipment, tools, products and more.



Insurance Overview

We help you resolve claims. By assessing damage quickly and accurately, we work to eliminate business interruption losses. And our pre-loss services help you understand and manage risk.



2020/2021 Annual Review: Resilience

The COVID-19 pandemic made us all flex new muscles to create a new kind of life and work. With vaccines rolling out, what have we learned? How can we better weather the next crisis? How can we build a more secure, just and resilient world?



GoGuide™ Safe Reentry

The GoGuide safe reentry solution gives your staff and patrons the data – and the confidence – they need to safely attend and enjoy large-venue events and return to work environments while complying with applicable social-distancing and PPE requirements. And GoGuide provides the data you need to safeguard customers, establish duty of care, limit liability, and conduct analyses to determine and validate increased occupancy limits.



CORE Studio

CORE studio has developed innovative solutions for projects of every size and degree of complexity, and has crafted computational tools, methods and workflows to address a wide variety of research, analysis and design challenges. Through our education and outreach efforts, we engage, inform and encourage collaboration among industry professionals.



Performance-Based Fire Engineering

With performance-based fire engineering (PBFE), we can answer questions that matter to building owners and operators: Can everyone get out the building safely? Is the structure safe to re-occupy after a fire? Can we reduce or eliminate fireproofing where its impact is minimal? And what are the trade-offs if we use a different design to achieve the same fire-protection goal?