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GoGuide™ Safe Reentry

The GoGuide safe reentry solution gives your staff and patrons the data – and the confidence – they need to safely attend and enjoy large-venue events and return to work environments while complying with applicable social-distancing and PPE requirements. And GoGuide provides the data you need to safeguard customers, establish duty of care, limit liability, and conduct analyses to determine and validate increased occupancy limits.



CORE Studio

CORE studio has developed innovative solutions for projects of every size and degree of complexity, and has crafted computational tools, methods and workflows to address a wide variety of research, analysis and design challenges. Through our education and outreach efforts, we engage, inform and encourage collaboration among industry professionals.



Performance-Based Fire Engineering

With performance-based fire engineering (PBFE), we can answer questions that matter to building owners and operators: Can everyone get out the building safely? Is the structure safe to re-occupy after a fire? Can we reduce or eliminate fireproofing where its impact is minimal? And what are the trade-offs if we use a different design to achieve the same fire-protection goal?


Annual Report

2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

Our 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report highlights the things we have been doing over the past 12 months to help address the world’s challenges. These include working to make a difference in our communities, fostering inclusion and diversity within our firm and having positive social and environmental impacts in the industries in which we work and more.



T2D2: Damage Detector

T2D2 is a self-learning software platform that detects and classifies visible damage to various types of structures and materials. T2D2 uses the latest developments in artificial intelligence – specifically, deep learning for computer vision – to detect and localize damage by analyzing inspection images.



High-Angle Attack Assessment

We help reduce the risk associated with the High-Angle Attack threat and High Ground/Elevated threat. As concealed- and mass-shooter threats continue to escalate, Thornton Tomasetti has developed a detailed assessment tool to better prepare facilities for potential incidents. Our team performs an on-site assessment to evaluate facilities from a medium-to-long range shooter’s perspective. We look for vulnerabilities – in weapons infiltration, shooting platforms (internal and external), ingress and egress options, and overwatch access from nearby high-rises.


Annual Report

2019/2020 Annual Report: Ingenuity

What do you get when you marry creativity with innovation? An approach that’s unbounded by preconceptions, but is grounded in reality – and backed by solid science. We call it ingenuity. And we believe this quality sets the everyday apart from the extraordinary.

In addition to the report, you can also read our extended panel conversations on ingenuity and resilience



Higher Education

Whether they need a performance hall, a medical center or a university lab, your clients are focused on the future – which is why they want resilient designs and flexible solutions that will work for tomorrow. At Thornton Tomasetti, we’re committed to this mission and incorporate these requirements into our designs, so they endure for generations to come.