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FedTech: National Science Foundation Begins Plans for Reviving Arecibo

September 01, 2021
Ground view of the telescope debris. Thornton Tomasetti
Thornton Tomasetti’s Blake Berger inspecting cables and installing clamps to keep the wires together, before contractors cut them to manageable lengths and moved them to storage, Each cable is marked with an identifying code. Thornton Tomasetti
The entire project team assisting as we determined the safest means to demolish the collapsed truss, visible at left. Thornton Tomasetti
Socket-end of the cable that failed in August, showing the zinc coating over the cable’s component wires. Our investigation will determine what caused the cable to pull out of its socket. Thornton Tomasetti
Ground view of the telescope debris. Thornton Tomasetti

As scientists explore ideas for the future of Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Observatory, the investigation into the collapse of its iconic 1,000-foot-wide radio telescope is winding down. In this FedTech article, Managing Principal John Abruzzo notes that the forensics team is examining a number of factors that may have contributed to the structural failure. Thornton Tomasetti served as engineer of record and was part of a team providing investigation and forensic analysis and repair recommendations to the University of Central Florida, which oversees the observatory for the National Science Foundation (NSF).

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