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Goguide™ Solution For Safe, Secure Venue Attendance Enters Customer Trials

October 07, 2020
Matt Kmetz
Matthew Kmetz Senior Principal and Protective Design & Security Practice Leader
GoGuide’s Crowd Massing AI algorithms allow for the monitoring of potentially high-traffic areas. If large gatherings are detected, visual queues are provided to patrons and operational staff are notified. Courtesy PMY Group

GoGuide™, a comprehensive technology solution for safe, secure visitor reentry that covers every moment of facility engagement, is in customer trial phase nationwide. Developed by Thornton Tomasetti in partnership with PMY and Intel, the package utilizes existing technology to enhance visitor safety and security, while preserving individual privacy.

GoGuide™ can be used in all types of public spaces, including sports arenas and stadiums, performance venues, museums and tourist attractions as well as on college campuses within educational buildings and dormitories.

GoGuide™ encompasses three important elements of post-pandemic safety: virtual queuing, social distancing and contact tracing. The technology, developed by PMY, Intel and HPE, has been customized and packaged to meet the specific needs of sports and event facilities, cultural centers and educational campus managers as specified by Thornton Tomasetti’s Security Design & Consulting team. GoGuide™ provides venues of all sizes with the ability to set and affirm standards for safety throughout the visitor experience.

Easily integrated with a facility’s existing security systems, GoGuide™ utilizes reusable Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or RFID tags to support ticketing as well as establish virtual queuing for visitors, staff and media, and pairs to electronic ticketing apps for personal device alerts and instructions. The tags can be personalized for members of institutions, season ticket holders, staff, and visitors with disabilities. It can also be programmed uniquely for each exhibit, game day, season or semester. No personal information is collected, and the tracking ends when the BLE/RFID tags are returned or disabled upon exiting.

“This solution uses proven technology and is based on our years of experience developing security protocols for cultural centers, arenas, stadiums and public spaces around the world,” said Thornton Tomasetti Associate Principal Bill Edwards, who leads the firm’s Security Design & Consulting team. “It meets the duty of care responsibilities for the venue owner/operator, while also protecting the personal information of the ticket holder.”

GoGuide™ begins its virtual queuing when tickets are purchased or visitors are registered online. Notifications are sent to indicate safe appointed arrival time, parking and entry locations for the ticketholder’s party. Social distance monitoring via BLE/RFID, with notifications sent to ticket holders’ mobile devices as well as those of staff, maintains safe spacing of parties in lines and common areas. Location tracking also informs wayfinding for concessions, restrooms and gift shops, lounge areas and other destinations, allowing staff to monitor and disperse crowds. GoGuide™ also incorporates machine vision recognition capabilities to identify patrons who are not wearing masks in common areas and send notifications to them and staff, as well as provide employee and patron temperature monitoring.

“GoGuide™ can be deployed quickly to help get visitors and fans safely back into these venues and cheering their teams and performers, attending cultural exhibitions, or even sharing dormitory space,” Edwards said. “With this solution, a venue can provide every visitor with the information they need to stay safe and secure while enjoying an event.”

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