Angel Stadium in Anaheim, Calif.



Originally constructed in 1965 as a baseball facility and modified in 1980 for football use as well, Anaheim’s professional sports stadium was completely renovated in the late 1990s to create Angel Stadium, a facility exclusively for baseball. The project included the demolition or retrofit of 100 percent of the existing facility and the design of new elements, including below-grade dugout suites, luxury boxes, a scoreboard structure and support for Disney’s “Outfield Extravaganza,” an area behind center field where fireworks and geysers erupt to celebrate good plays. The main entry at homeplate was also renovated and expanded to include iconic “bat” supported and ballcap canopies.

All of the work was accomplished in a mere 18 months, primarily during two off seasons. The renovation also incorporated many significant and innovative seismic enhancements for the facility.

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