Plaza 66 in Shanghai, China. Courtesy Philip Gostelow Photography (center).



Plaza 66 in China consists of two towers, retail space on a five-story podium and three levels of below grade parking. A special feature of the first tower is the great height that is accomplished on a small footprint. The concrete tower soars 288 meters (945 feet) above the city featuring a narrow irregular-shaped lantern on the rooftop.

One of the challenges with the concrete work in the entire building was the skylight roof design that covers the seven-story atrium in the retail podium. The oval-shaped atrium roof is approximately 200 feet by 125 feet. The cross sections of its members vary along the span, as do the cross sections of its supporting columns, resulting in a visually dynamic but technically challenging atrium.

The 48-story second tower is approximately 228 meter (749 feet) was also built on a small footprint. The concrete tower was complicated by lateral stability concerns, poor site soil, seismic considerations, high water table, limitations of locally available building materials, and construction between new and existing buildings.

The conventional concrete frame-shear core wall lateral support system and deep mat with long friction pile were used to produce a functional building economically, and using local labor and materials almost exclusively.

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