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FacilityBlast VCE

The fast-running tool uses computational fluid dynamics analysis to account for channeling and shielding effects in a fraction of the time needed for conventional turbulent-combustion modeling.

Screenshot of FacilityBlast software

FacilityBlast VCE is a robust computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software tool that accurately predicts vapor-cloud explosion (VCE) effects faster and more cost-effectively than other CFD-based methods.

The new tool models blast loads from far- and mid-field vapor-cloud explosions on buildings, equipment, storage vessels and ships. Its results are more precise than those generated by simplified methods – based on unobstructed line-of-site methodologies – which can over- or underestimate blast loads. FacilityBlast VCE uses CFD analysis to account for channeling and shielding effects, but in a fraction of the time needed for turbulent-combustion CFD modeling.

FacilityBlast VCE provides a convenient tool for designers and process safety planners to more accurately quantify VCE hazards, leading to more effective and efficient protective solutions for occupied buildings.


  • Accounts for shielding, channeling, clearing, reentrant corners and wraparound effects.
  • Produces appropriate waveforms for both deflagrations and detonations.
  • Captures instantaneous or finite rise times as well as negative phases.
  • VCE source calibrated to user-specified pressure and impulse-versus-range, typically from simplified methodologies such as TNO Multi-Energy or BST.
  • Underlying CFD code verified and validated against experimental test data.
  • Quickly builds campus details, optimizes VCE sources, runs simulations and displays results with user-friendly GUI.


  • Significant gains in prediction accuracy for minimal added engineering time.
  • Improved accuracy for better go/no-go decisions on building siting and upgrades/retrofits.
  • Can supplement the QRA process for better evaluation of structures that lie on the fringe of having significant impact.
  • Refined analysis translates into smarter engineering decisions and more cost-efficient solutions.

FacilityBlast VCE Team