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2019 Progress Report: Assisting Communities

July 27, 2020

Each year, we report on several indicators that show progress toward achieving our community-service and philanthropy goals. The trends this reveals can indicate where we need to stay the course and where we need to make changes.


Volunteer Day benefits claimed is the number of hours employees post to their time sheets using our code for “Volunteer Days.” Employees receive up to two paid working days a year for service in their local communities. This data does not include volunteerism by employees on their personal time.


Schoolchildren mentoring hours tracks the company-paid time U.S. employees spend on the ACE Mentor Program of America. ACE volunteers are paid for 50 percent of their ACE participation hours – an average of 15 per year – with the remainder a contribution of their personal time.


Total paid community-service hours tracks the total hours posted to time sheets for Volunteer Days, ACE Mentor Program participation and one week of service for our Bridges to Prosperity team members.


Charitable contributions includes all payments in each year coded as “donations” in our accounting system. This includes annual contributions – such as that to the Thornton Tomasetti Foundation – and donations by our offices to local charities, which vary from year to year.