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Moving on Up

June 21, 2021

When your mission is to solve tough challenges, you need a diverse and highly skilled team. Our ranks include demolitions experts and designers of supertall towers and mega stadiums, investigators of major disasters and practitioners in structural resilience, developers of high-tech solutions and specialists in innovative project delivery methods.

These people are among our newly promoted vice presidents. Their commitment and contributions have supported the success of our firm by helping us better serve our clients and advance our industries.

  • Alberto Cuevas
  • Bahadir Ekinci
  • Charles Portelli
  • Chih-Sheng Aw-Yong
  • Claudine Williams
  • Francesca Brando
  • Jenna Halpern
  • Jonathan DeVito
  • Jordan Komp
  • Joseph Simeo
  • Justin Gumberich
  • Mahesh Raju Bailakanavar
  • Mara Braselton
  • Marcin March
  • Matthew Thomas
  • Nate Sosin
  • Pam Curtis
  • Rodney Baxter
  • Sangkyu Jang
  • Silverio Patrizi
  • Swapnil Deshpande
  • Zachary Wiegand

Congratulations to these talented individuals as they take on increased responsibilities and new challenges.