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At Thornton Tomasetti, you’ll be part of a collaborative family that takes on the world’s greatest scientific and engineering challenges.

Opportunities At Thornton Tomasetti

Want to be part of an innovative enterprise that sees opportunity over risk? If so, you might feel right at home on a team that tackles some of the world’s greatest scientific and engineering challenges.

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Early Careers
interns Kansas City office interns on the job site in 2018.

We believe in fostering the next generation of engineers with a focus on innovation and collaboration. 

Endless Opportunities

We don't simply hire employees, we invest in them.

The most beneficial part of my internship experience was...

“The entire experience. My time at Thornton Tomasetti was one of my most rewarding college experiences. My colleagues were eager to share knowledge and I found their passion and positive attitude to be inspiring. I walked away from this internship with hands-on experience, life skills, a broadened understanding of the industry, and inspiration to create my own success.” – Yocheved Friedman, Engineer Intern

“Learning many things from my colleagues and also enjoying outside of work things with them and the other interns. Good balance.” – Cecilia Placidi, Façades Intern

Based on your past coursework – what material did you find useful in the day to day of structural engineering, and what could be left out?

“I definitely found what I learned in my concrete class to be useful. I don’t think anything learned in my undergraduate was superfluous. Everything was applicable in some way this summer.” – Niyam Shah, Forensics Intern

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Equity, diversity and inclusion are more than the things we do; they are fundamental to who we are as a firm. We are committed to an inclusive mindset that embraces our employees’ full potential and creates opportunities for growth.

President Wayne Stocks and Senior Principal Peggy Van Eepoel restructured our ED&I committee in late 2019 to focus on grassroots employee network groups (ENGs) composed of employees who are linked by social factors such as gender, culture, sexual orientation or a common interest or goal within our firm. They are bottom-up, formed and led by employees who recognize the needs of an underrepresented group. Their leaders are empowered to develop strategic plans and programs that are consistent with the firm’s purpose and values, and that cultivate a welcoming and rewarding environment for all our employees. 

The ED&I committee consists of two executive advocates, an ED&I coordinator and the leaders of our current ENGs:

  • Women@TT, our women’s employee network group, strives to achieve gender equality at Thornton Tomasetti by promoting awareness, providing support and driving culture.

  • Mosaic, our multicultural employee network group, raises the visibility of underrepresented groups within the AEC industry, aids recruitment and retention of staff of all backgrounds, promotes cultural awareness, fosters and broadens professional networks, and provides opportunities for advancement.

  • Spectrum, our LGBTQIA+ employee network group, promotes an inclusive workplace community and advocates for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex and asexual (LGBTQIA+) employees.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion News

2021 Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Update
June 20, 2022
Our three employee network groups (ENGs), Women@TT, Mosaic (focused on multicultural issues) and Spectrum (LGBTQIA+), support our equity, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) goals.

2020 Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Update
May 09, 2021
When George Floyd died at the hands of Minneapolis police officers in May 2020, issues of racism and inequity were thrust back into the spotlight – and taken up by millions around the world.
Life at Thornton Tomasetti

If you prefer out-of-the-box methods over by-the-book practices. If you favor flexibility instead of a rigid routine. If you enjoy getting outside your comfort zone more than staying in your lane. You’ve come to the right place.

We don’t just care about making our mark today. We care about making an impact tomorrow.

We practice what we preach through our core values that drive our purpose to embrace challenges to make lasting contributions.

Community Service News

2021 Community Service Update
June 20, 2022
Community service challenges our people to grow and helps build relationships in the communities where we live and work.

2020 Year In Review: Community Service
May 09, 2021
Our people are passionate about helping their communities, and the Thornton Tomasetti Gives Back program fosters that enthusiasm. Since our community-service benefit began in 2014, we have collectively donated more than 10,000 hours.

2018 Community Service
July 01, 2019
2018 was an exciting year for community service at Thornton Tomasetti, including, among other things, the full implementation of all parts of our TT Gives Back community-service program.
Learning & Development

The rapid expansion of knowledge and changes in the AEC industry offers continuous learning throughout our careers. Thornton Tomasetti’s core value, “We challenge people to grow” is an indication of our commitment to life-long learning.

  • Biweekly presentations hosted by technical staff throughout the firm on our most interesting projects, technical advancements and lessons learned.
  • A learning management system providing access to more than 500+ online courses available 24/7.
  • Custom designed training on topics of greatest importance to us.
  • More than 20 Communities of Practice where employees share information on technical subjects.
  • Mentoring programs that offer support to everyone at the firm.

Best of all, our world renowned engineers are generous about sharing their expertise. Regardless of where you work, we have experts who are a phone call away.

Learning & Development News

2019 Career Development & Learning Update
July 27, 2020
Thornton Tomasetti’s new five-year strategic plan expresses our support for career development – from the day a college graduate joins the firm through his or her rise to executive leadership.