Bankside Yards West in London. Courtesy PLP Architecture.

Bankside Yards West



Thornton Tomasetti provided façade design services for this mixed-use development containing three buildings on the Ludgate House site. Building BY1 is a 20-storey residential building; BY2 is a 50-storey residential building, while BY3 is a 19-storey commercial building. The façade for the residential buildings consists of a combination of solid elements and window areas, with inset balconies on BY1 and enclosed winter gardens on BY2. Building BY3 consists of closed cavity double skin unitized curtain wall system utilizing curved glass. The closed cavity façade provides an active and adaptive solar control measure. This helps reduce both cooling costs in summer and heating costs in winter, while providing superior glass clarity when compared to standard façades for commercial buildings.

Since the project was developed to RIBA 1 stage previously, Thornton Tomasetti’s scope is for services starting at the development of RIBA 2 stage onwards. The scope of work included materiality studies, façade system design, detailed sketches and performance specifications, while assisting the client to identify suitably experienced and qualified façade contractors to undertake fabrication and installation.

PLP Architecture is the master plan architect and project’s design leader (as described in RIBA standards) for buildings BY2 and BY3 and will maintain the overall design and coordination for this project. Make Architects is responsible for the design of building BY1.

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