Indianapolis Airport in Indiana. © Photograph by MediaWright Photography

Indianapolis International Airport Col. H. Weir Cook Terminal



Thornton Tomasetti provided structural design services for a new 40-gate airport terminal, which is constructed near an existing airport that was built in 1970.

The main terminal roof is supported on column “trees” constructed from four pipe column sections that splay in four directions as they reach the roof trusses. These trees, spaced 120 feet to150 feet apart, leave a vast open space to accommodate the ticketing area. A circular, glass skylight covers the spacious Civic Plaza on the ticketing level. The top and bottom chords of the roof trusses are segmented to match the surface of the roof, which curves in two directions. Two concourse arms extend from the terminal and lead to the departure gates.

Offices and mechanical levels are located above the departure level. A mezzanine slab between the arrival and departure levels supports the baggage screening system. The basement level supports the baggage handling conveyors to and from the arrival level.

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