The Star Vista in Singapore. Courtesy Aedas (left) and Parsons Brinckerhoff (right).



Thornton Tomasetti provided structural engineering consulting services from conception to 50 percent design development to the local engineer of record for The Star Vista. The 62,000-square-meter complex is Singapore’s largest entertainment venue, comprising a civic and cultural zone and a retail and entertainment zone.

The centerpiece of the unconventional building is the 5,000-seat floating theater on the fifth level and lobby atrium, supported by four-story-deep wall trusses that rest on elegant sloping columns. The interior of the theatre has a column-free perimeter that allows unobstructed views of the stage. A 770-square-meter multipurpose hall seats an additional 770 people and an outdoor amphitheater seats 300. Additional programming includes meeting and event rooms, amphitheaters, shops, restaurants and parking. A skybridge located outside the theater spans almost 80 meters between the end supports.

The initial design for the project included performing extensive vibration analysis and devising the structural and lateral support systems that make the building’s unique geometry possible. The facility’s design makes extensive use of natural cooling.

The Star Performing Arts Centre
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