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New Embodied Carbon Podcast Series

March 01, 2024

New Embodied Carbon Podcast Series

With the built environment responsible for more than 40% of global annual CO2 emissions through embodied carbon and operations, design professionals are in the position to drive substantial reductions and mitigate our impact on climate change.

Our Here’s How Embodied Carbon podcast series focuses on our progress, current challenges and the opportunities ahead. From material selection and engaging the entire supply chain to resilient design and carbon capture strategies, host Corporate Responsibility Officer Amy Hattan and Thornton Tomasetti experts from key disciplines will explore effective strategies to reduce the negative effects of the built environment.

The series kicks off with concrete, one of the biggest contributors of CO2, and potential areas for improvement. Amy sits down with Patrick Kenny, a senior associate and co-leader of the materials working group of our embodied carbon community of practice. Patrick discusses the “three big levers” that structural designers can pull to decrease the use of cement (the primary binder in concrete) in their projects.

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Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing our society. And because it affects everyone, it demands our creativity, passion and collaboration to build a better, more enduring world. See how Thornton Tomasetti is one of the only firms with the expertise to help you think holistically about a range of steps to address climate change.