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Taylor Devices, Inc. & Thornton Tomasetti Team Up on Global Launch of Pumpkin™ Mounts

April 19, 2021
Pumpkin Mounts installed just prior to shock testing.

Taylor Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ SmallCap: “TAYD”) the world leader in providing innovative shock and vibration mitigation solutions, announced today that it has partnered with Thornton Tomasetti to manufacture and distribute the Pumpkin™ Mounts absorber.

Pumpkin Mounts are the next generation of shock and vibration isolation technology for critical systems and structures. Originally developed by Thornton Tomasetti and its innovation accelerator TTWiiN, Pumpkin Mounts feature a symmetry that resists multi-directional lateral and vertical loads. It can support a payload in tension, compression or under shear for isolation of wall or bulkhead-mounted fixtures on all structures, including naval and commercial vessels subjected to extreme shock and vibration.

Offering significantly improved performance over standard devices, Pumpkin Mounts provide enhanced load capacity that can withstand repeated shock, along with reduced high-frequency noise and efficient use of space. Unlike rubber mounts, which require secondary devices to avoid tearing and failure, Pumpkin Mounts are resistant to high-tension forces.

Pumpkin Mounts reduce input accelerations of several hundred g’s down to as low as 15 g or less when tested in naval environments where explosive shock standards are extremely rigorous. The mounts have exceptional shock performance during repetitive and multiple events without compromising equipment.

“We are excited to be bringing this technology to users across multiple markets,” said Alan Klembczyk, Taylor Devices president. “The many differentiators of Pumpkin Mounts compared to conventional devices will provide significant improvements for our clients’ equipment during transient shock and vibration events.”

“Explosive testing of the mounts has shown significant improvements in the capability to protect critical equipment,” said Phill Thompson, Thornton Tomasetti principal and European region leader. “We look forward to this collaboration with Taylor Devices and to a successful launch of Pumpkin Mounts worldwide.”

About Taylor Devices, Inc.

Incorporated in 1955, Taylor Devices, Inc. leads the way in offering innovative solutions for the toughest shock and vibration challenges. The company designs and manufactures shock absorbers, liquid springs, shock isolation systems, seismic isolators, vibration dampers, custom actuators, and other types of hydro-mechanical energy management products. Taylor Devices’ products form the cutting edge of technology in the marketplace and are backed by their 65+ years of successful experience in the shock and vibration control field.

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About Thornton Tomasetti

Thornton Tomasetti applies engineering and scientific principles to solve the world’s challenges – starting with yours. An independent organization of creative thinkers and innovative doers collaborating from offices worldwide, our mission is to bring our clients’ ideas to life and, in the process, lay the groundwork for a better, more resilient future.