Michael’s familiarity with local Chinese business practices, customs and building codes helps to ensure a project’s smooth progression.

Michael Jiang has nearly 30 years of experience providing structural design for a variety of projects in China. He is an expert in performance-based dynamic analysis as well seismic and forensic analysis. In addition to managing structural design projects, Michael has extensive experience in construction supervision and is skilled at monitoring construction cost and safety.

Domestic China Experience
Michael’s extensive project portfolio includes the design of supertall buildings and long-span structures for a variety of sectors, including commercial, retail, hospitality, residential and mixed-use, throughout China. He is well versed in Chinese building codes and is highly familiar with local practices and customs, which helps to facilitate communication and proves to be valuable for delivering efficient and successful projects.

Outside of Work
Michael is an avid fan of many different types of sports, especially football (soccer) and NBA basketball. He also enjoys reading a variety of books as well as newspapers and magazines.

• Structural engineering
• Detailed structural analysis
• Project management and coordination
• Performance-based design
• Construction management