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The Glensaugh farm’s transformation will show how the agriculture sector can help Scotland become a net-zero greenhouse-gas emitter by 2045.

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ITPEnergised, Water to Water & The James Hutton Institute
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The HydroGlen project in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
The HydroGlen project in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Courtesy The James Hutton Institute

Growing Energy Independence

Can a working farm become 100% self-reliant? We’re helping answer that question at Northeast Scotland’s HydroGlen demonstration project. On-site wind and solar electricity generation with battery storage can meet part of the energy demand. Hydrogen production (using electrolysis), combined with fuel cell technology, will provide the rest. Together, they’ll power all the farm’s operations, including electric and hydrogen-fueled vehicles. Green hydrogen – with its capacity for energy-dense compressed storage – is a clean and affordable replacement for hydrocarbons in gas turbines, boilers and combustion engines. Our applied science team provided hydrogen and hazard management expertise, working closely with our project partners to develop the design of HydroGlen’s hydrogen system.

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