Shock qualification tests on DESMI-manufactured pumps in Edinburgh, Scotland.

DESMI Pumps, Shock Test



Thornton Tomasetti Defence Ltd. (TTD) performed several shock qualification tests against a variety of pumps manufactured by DESMI at the firm’s inland test facility. The shock qualification test plan developed with BAE Systems ensures the pumps’ performance on a Royal Navy ship when under attack.

To test multiple pumps in parallel, TTD selected two MOD-owned shock test barges, STV01 and STV02, because they have larger platforms. By designing and manufacturing fit-for-purpose interface frames to mount various pumps on the barges, the team increased the cost efficiency of the trial while replicating the in-service vessel environment.

To validate the test levels applied to the pumps, TTD installed instrumentation on the barges. For the pumps to be operational during the tests, the team also supplied the infrastructure, including diesel tanks, water tanks, manifolds, electrical cable supports, flexible hose supports, valves and orifice plates.

External and internal videos recorded multiple shock tests using live explosives and TTD’s patented airgun technology that fires off high-pressure air under water, simulating explosive shockwaves without chemical by-product and environmental ramifications. The video demonstrates the effectiveness of the shock isolation mounts that the pumps are fitted on to converting damaging high acceleration input motions to the mounts to high displacement but low accelerations above the mounts.

After a series of successful trials and demonstrated performance, these pumps will be installed on Royal Navy vessels.

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