Lowell Sun Building in Lowell, Mass.

Lowell Sun Building



Thornton Tomasetti provided façade restoration and structural stabilization and retrofit services for the landmarked Sun Building in Lowell, Massachusetts which currently serves as an elderly residential building. The 10-story steel framed, exterior masonry wall building was originally built in 1914 to house the Lowell Sun newspaper operation.

Services included a full façade inspection, involving probes to assess the existing condition of the masonry façade and steel-framed structure. The project team identified bulging and loose masonry areas of the façade that required immediate stabilization. Subsequently, Thornton Tomasetti developed construction documents for a complete restoration which included repair / replacement of cracked masonry, lintel replacement, replacement of slate window sills, reinforcement of masonry piers and full repointing. The structural rehabilitation required the reinforcement of several spandrel beams and exterior columns due to years of water infiltration. One challenge was the removal and replacement of five stories of a corroded corner column with a new column section.

The project team worked with the city of Lowell Landmark Commission to preserve the aesthetics of the original design, including brick color matching. The project was completed in Fall 2014.

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