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Historic Preservation

With more than 30 years of historic preservation experience, we help our clients – owners, architects, builders, and government and transportation agencies – maintain and improve structures of every type and size.

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Restoration of the Capitol Dome in Washington, D.C. Courtesy The Architect of the Capitol
Restoration and expansion of the Woburn Public Library in Massachusetts. © Robert Benson Photography
230 Park Avenue in Manhattan. Courtesy Alexander Severin Architectural Photography
The Harlem Fire Watchtower in Manhattan. Courtesy Alexander Severin Architectural Photography
Ford Foundation headquarters renovation, New York City. Thornton Tomasetti
Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. Patrick Ogilvie photo
Façade restoration and roofing replacement for the Albright Knox Art Gallery in New York. Thornton Tomasetti
Structural renewal and historic envelope restoration for the Empire State Building in Manhattan. Courtesy Alexander Severin Architectural Photography
Wrigley Field renovations in Chicago. Tom Harris photo
Structural engineer for the restoration of City Pier A, the oldest (1884) active pier in New York City. Thornton Tomasetti
Eisenhower Executive Office Building modernization in Washington, D.C. Thornton Tomasetti

Historic structures present unique challenges, since they often don't meet contemporary performance standards. Archaic materials and systems are susceptible to inappropriate repairs and modifications and deferred maintenance.

Here’s how we make sure your historic preservation projects are a success:

  • We combine specialized knowledge of archaic structural systems and historic façade materials with the latest in structural analysis and computer modeling capabilities.
  • We investigate root causes and design effective and sensitive repairs, seeking out the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions for each project.
  • We strive to minimize impact to the historic fabric by applying nondestructive evaluation techniques, minimally invasive methods and remote monitoring.
  • We engineer temporary protection and stabilization for vulnerable structures.
  • We help guide projects through the sometimes-confusing process of navigating local, state and federal historic preservation approvals and reviews.

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