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Envelope Renewal

From hands-on investigation and analysis to repair or restoration for any material or building type, we can help you meet all your building enclosure renewal needs.

Lead Contacts

OSF HealthCare Ministry Headquarters renovation in Peoria, Illinois. ©2022
Restoration and expansion of the Woburn Public Library in Massachusetts. © Robert Benson Photography
Rhodes State Office Tower renovation in Columbus, Ohio. Thornton Tomasetti
New York Presbyterian Hospital exterior wall restoration in Manhattan. Massmatt/Flickr
Façade investigation and repair at 315 Park Avenue South in New York, New York. Courtesy Alexander Severin Architectural Photography
Façade restoration and roofing replacement for the Albright Knox Art Gallery in New York. Thornton Tomasetti
Structural engineer for the restoration of the oldest (1884) active pier in New York City. Thornton Tomasetti

Here's how

We've worked on all types of enclosures – from modern curtain walls and mid-century hybrid construction to prewar composite walls and ornate historic structures. We bring our decades of expertise to all your project needs: structural, masonry, waterproofing, windows, roofing, plazas and sidewalks.

We evaluate the root causes of performance failures and develop solutions that meet the building’s needs and your budget. We approach projects holistically: we solve structural and waterproofing deficiencies while tackling the crucial energy performance challenges. We assist you in navigating codes and local agency review processes. We develop phasing schemes to minimize impacts on building and site accessibility.

Façade Ordinances, code compliance & Inspections

We also have a long history of supporting building owners in achieving compliance with local façade ordinances in the United States. Contact us if you have questions in any of these cities:


How do you simplify façade inspections? Teach a computer to do it.

T2D2® is an AI-driven software platform that automatically detects and classifies visible damage and deterioration on a wide variety of materials. It uses the latest advances in deep learning for computer vision to identify and tag conditions by analyzing inspection images.

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