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Fabrication & Physical Prototyping

We help transform your digital models into reality.

Lead Contacts

Our CORE studio uses a variety of software and hardware to ensure the precise fabrication and construction of your project and to create prototypes for real-world testing. 

Fabrication Modeling
To guarantee that your project is constructed to your specifications, we ensure seamless communication among design, fabrication and construction teams. And we make sure your design intent is accurately conveyed to fabrication and assembly systems.

Physical Prototyping
Physical prototypes let us perform studies of your project – or portions of it – at scale. Our ability to bring ideas from the digital world into reality lets us explore aspects of the project that might be difficult to conceptualize with just a computer image. We use our in-house 3D printers to experiment with a wide range of ideas, from scale models to full-size prototypes. These near-instant models let us present solid, tangible representations of a project that clients can hold, examine and share. 

oneC1TY 3D-printed pavilion, Nashville, Tennessee.
oneC1TY 3D-printed pavilion, Nashville, Tennessee. Thornton Tomasetti

Our Team