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2020 Progress Report: Building Great Workplaces

May 09, 2021

Each year, we report on several indicators that show progress toward achieving our goals for inclusion and diversity, professional growth and a lifestyle-friendly workplace. The trends over the years indicate where we need to stay the course and where we need to make changes. All data is based on self-reported employee records and provided by the Thornton Tomasetti Talent Team.


The percentage of our employees who are women is based on self-reported employee records. Our Human Resources department reports annually on this metric and the other metrics below.


The percentage of employees of nonwhite ethnicity or race is based on self-reported employee records.


U.S. employees who are women or of nonwhite ethnicity/race is based on self-reported records of employees who work in the United States.


The percent of senior leaders, holding title of vice president or above, who are women. We expect to see an increase in this metric as we hire and advance more female employees through our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion initiative.


Retention of women is one indicator of a viable pipeline for the advancement of women into positions of senior leadership. Our rate of retention remains high, at 90 percent.


New hires who are women and/or people of nonwhite ethnicity or race. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of new hires went down overall.


This metric tallies the share of employees who are stockholders. Ownership opportunities are offered based on merit at the level of vice president and above. This number is dependent on the number of shares available for sale in a given year.

2020 Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Update
May 09, 2021
When George Floyd died at the hands of Minneapolis police officers in May 2020, issues of racism and inequity were thrust back into the spotlight – and taken up by millions around the world.