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Our Revit plug-in is revolutionizing the way engineers track and manage embodied carbon in their structural projects. (Plus, it’s free and open-source!)

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More than 40 percent of all CO2 emissions come from buildings, and a building's structure and envelope account for over half its embodied-carbon footprint. So the choices you make in structural design have global impacts. Beacon, our innovative, easy-to-use embodied-carbon measurement tool, helps you make informed design decisions that result in more sustainable and efficient structures.

  • Beacon gives you quick, high-level feedback and clear visualizations of a project’s embodied-carbon quantities, identifying exactly where embodied carbon can be minimized.
  • Beacon categorizes its calculations by material type, building element and floor level.
  • Beacon rates each model’s embodied-carbon levels against the Carbon Leadership Forum’s (CLF) Embodied Carbon Benchmark Study results.
  • Beacon applies the most up-to-date embodied-carbon coefficients and best practices established by the CLF.
  • Beacon is invaluable in measuring progress toward the CLF Structural Engineers 2050 Challenge’s goal of a zero-carbon built environment by 2050.
  • Beacon lets you share data across employees, offices and organizations.
  • Beacon is free to download and use.

Beacon was developed by our CORE studio. Download it now and make embodied carbon an integral part of your design process.

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2019 Research & Development Showcase: Beacon
July 27, 2020
Beacon offers a quickly downloadable and installable way to calculate the embodied carbon in a Revit model – and break down the embodied carbon of materials by building element.