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Advanced Analyses for Extreme Events

When extreme events happen, we can help you be ready for them. We analyze structural response to extreme events to quantify vulnerability, identify risk and design mitigation methods.

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CFD/CSD simulation of a reinforced concrete box beam subjected to a near-contact detonation

Conventional and improvised explosive devices, and even nuclear weapons. Cratering and ground shock. Underwater or in-air explosions. Impact and penetration. Progressive collapse. Fire. Our experts can analyze the effects of all of these situations and more.

We develop and maintain computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and computational structural dynamics (CSD) codes to model behavior, interaction, equipment response and human injury effects. We have extensively validated the results of our simulations against large-scale field tests conducted by military, public and commercial clients.

Simulation of 15,000-lb vehicle impacting a bollard at 50mph

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