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Pre-Loss Support

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. We assess, analyze and forecast potential risks to structures and portfolios, so you can always be prepared.

Lead Contacts

Earthquake and Hurricane Risk Evaluations in the Caribbean. Thornton Tomasetti

We help insurers and owners understand the nature and scope of a wide range of potential threats – natural and human-induced. Our multidisciplinary teams provide several services to help you reduce risk.

  • Multihazard Risk assessments
  • Probable Maximum Loss (PML) Studies
  • Comprehensive Resilience Solutions

With extensive, world-wide experience in post-loss response, we have first-hand knowledge of the consequences of adverse events. That understanding informs and enhances our ability to help you prepare for any eventuality.  

We help insurance industry clients around the world with matters of every type and size:

Insurance Industry Sectors Insurance Industry Solutions
Aviation Claims Provider Services
Construction Services Captive and Insurance Management
Energy (Including Offshore) Catastrophe Response Planning
Entertainment & Sports Cause and Origin Reporting
Errors and Omissions Emergency Response Solutions
Global Insurance Programs Litigation Support
Marine Professional Indemnity
Orbital Property Risk Control
Ports and Terminals Scope of Damage Determination
Power and Utilities Subrogation
Property and Casualty Sustainability Claims Consulting
Property and Liability Technical Services
Public Sector Terrorism Risk and Political Violence Risk Control

News & Resources

Rapid Assessment Approach
August 16, 2023
For specific geographic locations, hurricanes are a near certainty—it’s a matter of when, not if. Our firm has extensive experience helping clients both plan for the inevitable and execute a rapid assessment approach in the aftermath of a storm.

Flood Resilience for Hurricanes
July 10, 2023
Climate change brings rising water levels, rendering many structures vulnerable to potential flooding. In fact, scientists have predicted that global sea levels could rise by as much as 12 inches by 2050. Add hurricanes to the mix, and it’s more important than ever for owners to establish flood resilience strategies ahead of a storm.

Preparing for Hurricane Season 2023
June 01, 2023
As we approach the start of the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season, let’s take a look back at the 2022 season, as well as the developing El Niño, and learn what this means for the season to come.