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Looking for specialized or custom parametric design solutions? You need Swarm.

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How Swarm Works

Swarm is an online marketplace that, combined with a suite of plug-ins, bridges the gap between users who need custom parametric solutions and the experts who develop them. Developers share their Rhino and Grasshopper workflows with a global market of design professionals. And users can apply them to their design problems in a variety of platforms – without having to learn coding or computer programming.

Why Swarm?

Rhino and Grasshopper have set the standard for computational design in the AEC, aerospace, automotive, fashion, graphic-design and other industries. But most Grasshopper workflows are developed by a handful of superusers, who – until now – lacked an effective forum for sharing the tools they build. Swarm delivers the power of parametric modeling to a worldwide audience of everyday users. The Swarm marketplace lets designers and users buy and sell parametric solutions that suit their specific needs.

Swarm in a Nutshell

  • Simple. Swarm hides the complexities of parametric and computational design (the code) behind simple user interfaces. By entering simple inputs, users can generate extremely complex outputs.
  • Native. A family of plug-ins makes Swarm’s apps available in a wide range of platforms. Work in your preferred application and use Swarm to create design iterations at astonishing speeds. Find new tools for the environment you’re comfortable with.
  • Scalable. Swarm scales up or down, depending on demand. Need to run a huge batch of heavy solutions in parallel? We’ve got you covered.
  • Accessible. Run Swarm from a desktop plug-in or from the web. And a robust API lets developers craft computational design microservices.

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