Façade Renovation and Repairs at the Anthony J. Celebrezze Federal Building in Cleveland, Ohio. Courtesy Interactive Design | Eight Architects and GSA

Anthony J. Celebrezze Federal Building, Façade Renovation and Repairs



Thornton Tomasetti was retained to provide structural engineering for the façade overclad of a 32-story office building constructed in 1966. The building’s structural system consists of multiple structural steel moment frames, portions of which are encased in concrete within the first 14 stories. The original façade is a glass and stainless steel curtain wall system. Exterior perimeter walls of the first floor are composed of glass and granite panels. Granite dominates the building lobby walls, floor, and outside plaza. Below grade are two levels, including parking beneath the plaza.

Thornton Tomasetti analyzed the existing superstructure for wind tunnel and current code-prescribed wind loads, and designed the support structure for the new blast-resistant skin. Installation of the new curtain wall outboard of the existing façade, together with nighttime construction, allowed work to be completed while the building remained occupied. The new curtain wall creates a double wall system, with a layer of air between the new and old walls that acts as insulation, reducing heating and cooling requirements to provide energy savings in addition to a new look that responds to the sunlight effects on the building.

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Structures whose exterior cladding is in need of replacement have two options: remove the old cladding and replace with new, or place new cladding over old. The second option eliminates the cost of deconstructing the existing façade and may provide an energy savings by creating a double-skin facade. We leverage our experience with all systems to help determine which option will work best for each project, visually and financially. We work closely with clients to make the transition as seamless as possible.