One Indiana Square in Indianapolis. Courtesy Gensler (left).



Thornton Tomasetti provided emergency response and stabilization services for a 36-story 1960s, building located in downtown Indianapolis that experienced extensive façade damage as a result of severe weather conditions in April 2006.

Thornton Tomasetti was contacted to assist in stabilizing the building, evaluating the extent of the damage, and performing interim repairs. Subsequent to the response and stabilization phase, Thornton Tomasetti was retained to provide engineering design and consulting services for the superstructure and curtain wall elements associated with the new curtain wall overclad scheme.

The fast-track, design-build effort involved 3D analysis of the building’s superstructure and foundations, wind tunnel testing for structural and curtain wall loads, the use of Revit to generate the construction documents, and consideration of a liquid tuned-mass damper or other damping systems.

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Our façade engineering teams advise clients on the best way to develop both conventional and innovative façade systems, applying our knowledge of structures, glazing technology, mechanical shade systems and thermal behavior. We provide design, detailing and engineering support for enclosures of any shape or size, from minimalist to high-tech. We also provide expertise in safety and security glazing, along with glass frits and reflective coatings.

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Structures whose exterior cladding is in need of replacement have two options: remove the old cladding and replace with new, or place new cladding over old. The second option eliminates the cost of deconstructing the existing façade and may provide an energy savings by creating a double-skin facade. We leverage our experience with all systems to help determine which option will work best for each project, visually and financially. We work closely with clients to make the transition as seamless as possible.